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We supply high quality embroidery badges, emblems and patches from Bulgaria for our European customers for more than 20 years.
We are the only ones in Bulgaria that offer patches in a combination between digital sublimation printing and embroidery.
No restrictions on sizes, shapes and colors. We have 5 different types of attachment types- velcro, silicone, sew- on, mechanical attachment and safety pin badges.
Our custom patches are easily applied to professional garments, tote bags, hats, and more. They are also photorealistic and industrial wash capable.
Embroidered patches are the classic among fabric badges. We have our patches embroidered with modern embroidery machines, which convert the motifs quickly, reliably and in the best quality. The patches are embroidered with high-quality, washable embroidery threads on a strong, durable twill fabric or on felt. Each patch is protected against fraying with a chained or laser-cut edge for a long service life. A wide range of colors is available for the implementation of your motif (e.g. logo).
Printed patches use a sublimation process to print a photo, design or text onto twill fabric. Instead of using threads, heat is used to transfer the digital artwork onto the patch. These patches can include multiple colors, highly detailed designs, and text. These patches are the right choice if you want to recreate an unique design, an image of your brand logo or a photograph. These patches are available in both standard and custom shapes and sizes.

Who uses our Embroidered and Sublimated Patches?

  • Scool Teams
  • Universities
  • Sport Teams
  • Scout Troops
  • Charity Organisations
  • Adventure Groups
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Military Organizations
  • Fire Departments
  • Airline Companies
  • Law Enforcement
  • Police Department
  • Security Forces
  • Construction Industry Workwear
  • Music and Band Merchandise
  • Fashion brands
  • Special Events
  • Shop Merchandise
  • Marketing Events
  • Work Uniforms
  • Custom Patches
  • Embroidery on Pullovers
  • Embroidery on Dresses
  • Embroidery on Sweathers
  • Embroidery on Hoodies
  • Embroidery on Bombers
  • Embroidery on Jackets
  • Embroidery on Baby Bodysuits

Benefits of using Custom Patches for your Business

Incorporating custom patches and badges into your business offers valuable advantages:

1) Effortlessly establish your brand identity and create a polished, reputable image.
2) These flexible, cost-efficient tools act as powerful marketing assets, elevating your brand visibility and fostering lasting connections with customers.


What is the difference between embroidered patches and sublimated patches?
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Are there any limitations on the complexity of the design for embroidered or sublimated patches and badges?
How durable are embroidered and sublimated patches and badges?
What are the pricing factors for embroidered and sublimated patches and badges?
Can patches and badges be applied to different types of fabric or materials?

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